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The minister and family life: a theological conversation

This webinar on Thursday 24 February 2022, was led by the Revd Dr Lina Toth, Assistant Principal and Lecturer in Practical Theology, Scottish Baptist College and the Revd Beth Allison-Glenny, Chaplain and Fellow in Theology, Regent's Park College, Oxford.  Lina has written about the understanding of singleness and marriage in the contemporary church.  Beth has written about Baptist interpretations of Scripture on the complementarity of male and female.


You may also be interested in these publications written by our speakers:

Toth, L (2021). Singleness and Marriage after Christendom: Being and Doing Family. Eugene, OR, Cascade Books.
Allison-Glenny, B (2017). 'That we might see ourselves as we could be': Baptist Interpretations of Scripture on the Complementarity of Male and Female. Gathering Disciples: Essays in Honor of Christopher J Ellis. M Blyth, A Goodliff and N Callam. Eugene, OR, Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Discernment, dialogue and the Church Meeting: A way forward

In this webinar on Thursday 4 November 2021, Prof Rachel Muers, University of Leeds introduced the recent World Council of Churches work on discernment in the church. The Revd Ruth Moriarty responded from a Baptist perspective, reflecting her research on church meetings.

Click below for a recording of this webinar:

Rachel Muers discussed this document in her presentation:
Wijlens, M, V Shmaliy and S Sinn, Eds (2021). Churches and Moral Discernment: Facilitating Dialogue to Build Koinonia. Geneva, World Council of Churches.

You may also be interested in these publications written by our speakers:

Moriarty, R (2019). 'Discernment and the Church Meeting.' Pacific Journal of Baptist Research 14(3): 36-41. – This is open access at: https://www.baptistresearch.org.nz/s/PJTR-142-Nov-2019.pdf

Muers, R (2020). 'The personal is the (academic) political: Why care about the love lives of theologians?' Scottish Journal of Theology 73: 191–202.  Unfortunately restricted to readers with access to a university library

A liturgy which can be used at the beginning of a church meeting has been shared by the North Western Baptist Association. Click here to download this material.


Project Violet Launch

Project Violet was launched on Thursday 1 July - click below for a recording of the event.

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