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Gender Justice Issues

For nearly 100 years, Baptists have affirmed the ordained ministry of women, and yet the proportion of women Baptist ministers remains disappointingly small.  One of the reasons that might explain this is confusion amongst some Baptist churches and their leaders regarding the legitimacy of women's ministry.   These resources explore the issue of women in leadership.
As we approach the centenary of the ordination of women as Baptist ministers our National Gender Justice Hub is reflecting on how far we have come and where we need to go next.  Find out more about some of the first women in Baptist ministry.

WomenInMinistry   WomenBaptistsOrdination
The Story of Women in Ministry in the Baptist Union of Great Britain
- explores some of the ways in which Baptists have addressed the issue of women in leadership and ministry within the BUGB, with a view to informing the continuing debate on this difficult and potentially divisive subject.  Copies of this booklet are available for £1.50 from our online shop.
  Women, Baptists and Ordination
- addresses the biblical, historical and practical reasons why the
Baptist Union of Great Britain wholeheartedly endorses the ordained ministry of women, helping churches to consider their theology and policy on this issue.
G_LydiaQuestionpdf   Dignity
The Lydia Question
- a collection of Bible studies and personal stories exploring women in leadership.  As Baptists, we have been at the forefront of recognising and releasing the gifts of women leaders in the past and we don’t want to lose this prophetic edge today.  This resource is designed to give individuals and groups the opportunity to read and reflect on Biblical passages together and also offers suggestions for worship and prayer for small groups.  These studies have been produced to be used alongside The Story of Women in Ministry in the Baptist Union of Great Britain, available from our online shop.
  Dignity - Taking a Stand against Gender Based Violence
- across the world every one of us will have met someone who has been a victim of gender based violence. We just may not know it.  Baptists Together is part of the Dignity Coalition aiming to bring this reality out of the shadows and supports churches in grappling with the issues involved. 
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Update for Baptist Churches from the Celebrating, Surviving and Thriving - Women in Baptist Ministry conference
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