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Looking after your building

***Grants now available for Quinquennial Inspections***


Keeping your building in good condition ensures it serves and represents your church and community as best it can, appearing welcoming and loved. Whilst weathering and use will always lead to natural deterioration, making modest investments of time and money to undertake preventative maintenance, as well as choosing the right professionals, will not only keep your building in good condition, but save you significant cost and inconvenience over time.
In addition to the commitment you are showing to your building's users by keeping it at its best, should you ever be looking to obtain grants or funding, these investments will also assure grant-givers of the safety of investing in your projects.
Once you've made sure that you understand your building and its particular needs, planning regular maintenance and repairs, as well as who’s going to undertake them, and learning what the tell-tale signs of emerging issues are, will enable you to fix problems early, and in most cases prevent them developing entirely!

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Finding Conservation Practitioners
Maintenance Plans