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LookAfterBuilding BannerFinding conservation practitioners

Finding the right person for the job is not always as simple as it sounds so we've compiled a list of useful directories where you can find the buildings professionals you might need when looking for someone to help you maintain, repair or adapt your building - please see below!
Why work with someone who has professional accreditation in their specialism?
What if someone you know is offering to do the work, but they aren't qualified?
Historic and modern buildings differ hugely in the physical qualities, behaviour and appearance of their materials and construction techniques. These differences mean that they require repair and maintenance techniques which are suitable for their specific type of construction.
Most building professionals are skilled and experienced in working with modern buildings, but may not have training and experience in working with historic buildings. Since the use of inappropriate techniques will often lead to works and repairs having to be re-done, and in some cases cause further damage, it is always best to work with buildings professionals with an accreditation in building conservation.
Whilst it might be tempting to choose a practitioner based on the lowest quote, or perhaps because you have an existing relationship with them, this will not always ensure best value on your project, as misguided repairs and alterations often end up needing re-doing!
We therefore recommend making sure that whoever you work with has the appropriate:

  • experience of working with historic buildings
  • professional qualifications and accreditations
  • insurances

If you can't find what (or who!) you're looking for, please get in touch and we'd be pleased to help.

List of Directories:

Architects, Surveyors and Engineers - inspections, surveys and design services:


Architects Accredited in Building Conservation

RIBA conservation register

Royal Institute of British Architects Conservation Specialists


Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Conservation Specialists

ICE / iStructE

Institute of Chartered and Structural Engineers Conservation Specialists


Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists Conservation Specialists

Contractors - for anything from gutter clearance to tree surgery and high-level inspection:
Maintenance Booker - book services from local providers directly through the website
NCT Trades Directory - a range of trades people who can help with any part of your chapel

Further specialist registers:
If you can't find what you're look for above, The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) has compiled a list of specialist registers covering all professions which might be relevant to the conservation of historic buildings. 

Specialist Advice:
SPAB Advice line - FREE specialist advice

Read or download the BU Guidelines:
Professional Advisors
Quinquennial Inspections


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Finding Conservation Practitioners
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