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Racial Justice Training

WeBelongOur Racial Justice Group, in partnership with the United Reformed Church, developed ‘We Belong’ - a racial justice training programme for accredited ministers, which was launched in 2007.  A significant number of ministers experienced this training, designed to help them reflect on ways in which they might cultivate culturally inclusive churches.
JustAwareWork is underway on a new ‘Just Aware’ training resource which will be delivered on request by groups and churches around the country.  The focus of these sessions will aim to raise awareness of prejudice, discrimination, racism and its debilitating impact on the people with whom we live and work.  At the core is a conviction that unjust relationships and behaviours have a seriously damaging impact on humanity, they are an offence to human dignity, and constitute a serious assault on the image of God that we believe 'incarnate' in each and every one of us. 

We are hoping to pilot this online in the next few weeks and then it can be delivered on request to groups/churches around the country. Details will be published on the website shortly. 


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