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Racial Justice Training

WeBelongOur Racial Justice Group, in partnership with the United Reformed Church, developed ‘We Belong’ - a racial justice training programme for accredited ministers, which was launched in 2007.  A significant number of ministers experienced this training, designed to help them reflect on ways in which they might cultivate culturally inclusive churches.
JustAwareBaptists Together has created a resource titled: Just Aware.  It is an intersectional training resource focusing on disability, gender and racial justice concerns. It is facilitated by trained facilitators, and its primary purpose is to enable the participants to reflect on areas of injustice and how they can be addressed.  The facilitators will also signpost the participants to appropriate resources. This is an intentionally foundational experience, lasting around three hours.

If you would like to find out more about engaging in Just Aware, please contact your local facilitator
LB Card London  Click here to contact Pam Searle
About Associations SCBA Southern Counties Click here to contact Christine Hudson-Roberts
About Associations SWeBA South West Click here to contact Glen Graham
About Associations YBA Yorkshire Click here to contact Nike Adebajo
1071390 Other areas Click here to contact Wale Hudson-Roberts

The Sam Sharpe Project, however, are also in the process of developing a specifically racial justice training resource, titled: Visions of Colour. The training programme is designed for Baptist church ministers and leaders to equip them with the theological and practical tools to begin the journey towards developing anti–racist churches.  Visions of Colour should be available later this year.

Please click here if you have any questions about our racial justice training.



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