We believe that justice concerns belong at the heart of our faith, and so we are seeking to ensure that the life and structures of our Union reflect our commitment to these issues, and that we work together to build inclusive communities. 

The work on equality and diversity issues has grown steadily and significantly, and we have three National Justice Hubs that help us carry forward our commitments in these areas. 
We are also developing Local Justice Hubs made up of volunteers with a passion for justice in the areas of disability, gender, race, social and other concerns.  These hubs will aim to encourage and challenge churches, Partnerships and Associations to create and/or sustain just cultures and inspire them to become all-inclusive Spirit-led communities.
Please follow the links below to find out more about specific justice issues which we are aiming to address in the areas of:
Areas of work being developed by our Disability Justice Hub
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Areas of work being developed by our Gender Justice Hub
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Areas of work of our Racial Justice Hub
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