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Gender Justice Issues

For 100 years, Baptists have affirmed the ordained ministry of women, and yet the proportion of women Baptist ministers remains disappointingly small.  One of the reasons that might explain this is confusion amongst some Baptist churches and their leaders regarding the legitimacy of women's ministry.   These resources explore the issue of women in leadership.
As we mark the centenary of the ordination of women as Baptist ministers our National Gender Justice Hub is reflecting on how far we have come and where we need to go next.  Find out more about some of the first women in Baptist ministry.

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‘…and your daughters shall prophesy’

In June 2018, the Gender Justice Hub and the BME Women Ministers’ Network presented a conference at IMC in Birmingham for Baptist women ministers, non-ordained women in a qualifying office, MiTs and those exploring a call to ministry. 

In response to this Celebrating, Surviving and Thriving - Women in Baptist Ministry conference, the participants published the following statement for our Baptist family:

In celebration of the centenary of the recognition of women to be Baptist ministers, we commit ourselves into our shared life and take courage to step forward in living out our call.  This conference calls on our Baptist family to support women, of all ages and ethnic and social backgrounds, in the following ways:
  1. By joining with us to celebrate and support the ministry of women, sharing and teaching with vigour the biblical and theological foundations for their affirmation by successive Baptist Union Councils, and reporting the many ways in which women in ministry at all levels are growing our churches and advancing the mission of God. 
  2. By making it a priority to identify and utilise women who will mentor, accompany and be role models to women at all stages of exploring a call and of ministry, recognising that all women are different and their experiences vary widely. 
  3. By providing frequent opportunities for experience such as apprenticeships, placements, shadowing, preaching opportunities, and by intentionally equipping and calling emerging women ministers and leaders. 
  4. By challenging ourselves to be more aware of questions of justice, to reflect on our assumptions and biases, to ensure fairness within our structures, processes and behaviour, such as exploring a call and National Settlement, and commit together to equity of opportunity and expectation.

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Areas of work being developed by our Gender Justice Hub
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