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re:focus is an updated, more flexible version of the BUGB Mission Consultancy scheme developed in 2003. re:focus has been developed in modules to make it suitable for a wide variety of churches. User-friendly, it assumes two external facilitators (normally provided by the association) will work with each church on the re:focus journey that may take 6 to 12 months. However, churches may work through individual modules on their own to explore a particular aspect of their mission and ministry.

re:focus may be used for a church wanting to develop a mission strategy to apply for a grant.

re:focus incorporates thinking about the individual disciple’s crossingplaces as well as the crossingplaces opportunities of the church. It also embraces life-long discipleship and missional spirituality in what is presented to the church through the preparatory sermons and small group work. The re:focus journey is inclusive of people of all ages within the church.

Click here to download the individual re:focus modules and resources from our resource library. 
Please note: you will need to move to pages 3 and 4 of the 'Sharing and Living the Gospel' section of the library to find these downloads.

Click here to download all the re:focus resources as one single zip file.

If you are interested in working through re:focus in your church, please contact your local Baptist Association for more information.
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