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The online newspaper of the Baptist Union of Great Britian
The sixth and final piece in the series from Baptist ministers John Weaver and John Rackley, highlights the great value on the story of each person’s faith. As such, they offer questions to help you explore your own story of faith
The need for balance between hope and realism - how lessons from America's most senior Vietnam Prisoner of War give us wisdom in this challenging time.
In a pandemic, when we have a new disease about which so little is known, we have to be careful, writes Nik Hookey. But we can sit with those who are dying, and they can know that someone who understands their spirituality is there with them
We invited a number of Baptist healthcare chaplains to share something of their experiences in the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are reflections from the Revds Sarah Crane, Diana Steadman and Adrian Woodbridge
'Most times we do visit,' writes Mark Burleigh, 'It is so important to the patients. Often we are the only non-medical person to see them for days, if not weeks.'
Elderly people shielding at home are at risk of becoming invisible - developing meaningful support that helps them thrive and does so consistently is vital. By Alex Drew
The Eastern Baptist Association is seeking a suitably experienced part-time Safeguarding Officer who will take a lead for the Association on issues relating to safeguarding and the protection of children, young people and adults at risk.
A thought for the day from the Revd Stuart Davison of South Eastern Baptist Association
The Emmaus Road experience is more than a story of what happened once upon a time, writes John Weaver. It is a blueprint of what being a follower of the post-Resurrection Christ means
Comparing the events of VE Day 75 years ago, and some of the calls for social change that followed, with similar calls being made now in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic
Our Joint Public Issues Team has been exploring the challenge of intergenerational injustice, writes Rosella Payne
The Missing Generation; Click and switch your church
Many are experiencing an increase in loneliness because of the enforced lockdown. Baptist minister Shaun Lambert offers this reflection, highlighting the spiritual resources Christianity has to offer
The Baptist Insurance claims service has exceeded the expectations of Baptist minister the Revd Vic Jackopson for 50 years
Baptist Union President Yinka Oyekan explains why a focus on young adults is a key element of his Presidential year
Baptist minister and millennial Adrian Semerene offers this reflection on what his generation values, and the possibility of connection
Questions about God, faith, the Universe, Jesus as Son of God have been talked about for centuries, writes John Rackley. The fourth piece in The Emmaus Road Experience
Will moving online accelerate trends towards a consumer church at the expense of costly discipleship? That's my fear, writes Michael Shaw
Michael Brian Banfield was a Baptist minister and Senior Chaplain at London Luton Airport
Baptist ministers John Weaver and John Rackley are exploring how their lived Christian lives shape their theology. In this third piece John Weaver highlights how a shared understanding began to develop
'Many of us owe the deepening of faith, and the encouragement of ministerial calling to Ron’s ministry; and still others, their healing and ability to establish a life for themselves beyond psychiatric illness and social or emotional breakdown'
A reflection on the impact of Covid-19 by Baptist minister Paul Goodliff, General Secretary of Churches Together in England
Gathering up the Crumbs is a new collection of prayers, liturgies, poems and reflections from women in Baptist ministry - here's an interview with one of its editors, Catrina Gorton
Our emerging generations have many new dreams to birth, and an ability to think outside the box and take risks. The vital question for the Church of today is, how much are we taking a risk on them? By Nick and Marjorie Allan
How are we working strategically to release young adults into missional ministry within the Baptist family? Carl Smethurst, author of last year’s Baptists Together Young Adults report, shares progress so far
Andy Percey looks at the lessons we can learn from this time of lockdown - and what challenges we might have when it comes to an end
We are like pilgrims, and the coronavirus pandemic is our Valley of Baka, our valley of tears (though there will be others). What does it mean to respond in a Christlike manner? By Colin Sedgwick
Melting pot of honesty, Holy Saturday
John Rackley explores the principles of faith as story - part 2 of The Emmaus Road Experience
The times we live in are revealing that James was right all along. But just as our awareness of our vulnerability has emerged, so too, among some, an awareness of the place God holds. By Steve Finamore
Influential scientist and committed evangelical Christian who worked with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
In this time of loss, disorientation and pain, a true spirit of lament is demanded - Wale Hudson-Roberts reflects theologically on Covid-19
Baptist ministers John Rackley and John Weaver have been working on a project called Faith Journey as Theology, exploring how their lived Christian lives shape their theology
The latest article from Baptist Insurance highlights its new guidance in light of the current pandemic
The church’s form may well have changed greatly by the time we emerge from this global pandemic. As we patiently seek Christ, Craig Gardiner highlights a refining virtue
The risen Jesus is the living Jesus, and Easter means we do not stop seeking to understand, respond and follow Him
Resurrection offers the possibility of a new world – but first we must face the issues of the old one. By Edward Pillar
Sally Nelson highlights the unique, theologically profound contribution the church offers at this time
Why Holy Saturday may be a day for us right now. By Steve Holmes
Holy Saturday is the pause, the space, the moment in between - and it seems particularly significant now, writes Ruth Gouldbourne
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