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Discerning the prophetic: perspectives of Majority World theologies on suffering and discipleship 

If the church is going to do discipleship and mission well in this Corona-climate, we need to grasp Jesus’ understanding of suffering and sacrifice, wrote Israel Olofinjana in the Autumn 2020 edition of Baptists Together magazine – and listening to Majority World voices is essential

Israel shares more of his thoughts in this video:

For further reflection
  • How does our consumer culture influence our discipleship? How do we do church in this consumer context where people are constantly buying? We offer lots of choice - but when we look at the model of suffering and sacrifice - the model of Jesus, where your life and survival is conditioned on absolute obedience to Jesus - that challenges how we do discipleship.
  • How do we distinct our church discipleship from our consumer culture?

Click here to download a pdf version of Israel Olofinjana's article with these questions to share with your church or small group.

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