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Spring 2022 edition:

Is it time for a new song?

Spring2022e worship a creator God. We worship a creative God. The very first verse of Scripture describes a creative act. One of God’s first commands to humans was a creative one (name the animals). In Isaiah, God is described as a potter, moulding us, his clay. The mind-boggling variety of birds, fish, animals, plants, flowers, insects and more testify to the creativity of the One who made them. ‘How many are your works, Lord!’ writes the Psalmist. ‘The earth is full of your creatures.’

We know too that God created humans in his own image (Genesis 1:27), each with different gifts (Romans 12:6). We see several references in scripture to those skilled in creating: from God’s equipping of the craftsmen in Exodus; the frequent references to songs and musical instruments, particularly in the story of David; the breathtaking temple built by Solomon and the skilled workers assigned to it
(2 Chronicles 2:13-14).

Art and creativity have their place in God’s story; they have their place in ours too. And so this edition of Baptists Together magazine is the first to have an intentional focus on the arts. Our recent editions have explored different aspects of the pandemic, such as what we’re learning and how we’ve responded; now we do so through the prism of art, in several mediums. How can art help us make sense of the last two years? How is art reflecting the emotions and the difficulties? God has given people the inspiration to create wonderful works of art – so what are the artists saying? How does art in general deepen our understanding of God? As one writer states, art can change our outlook and help us to see ourselves in new ways, as well as bring sacred texts to life. Our church stories also show how art communicates to and connects communities.

Is it time for a new song? We certainly hope the following pages give insight and perspective on the role art, in all its myriad forms, has in our life; that they may provide a sense of hope while acknowledging the issues; and that they invite you to experience the space for yourself.

Click here for the Spring 2022 edition.

The key articles in the magazine are featured below:
Art of Hope 800
The Art of Hope through the Practice of Lament
New Testament Scholar Christine Joynes explores how art can inspire, challenge and bring new meaning to lived reality More ...
I've never painted 800
I've never painted so much in my life
Chris Duffett shares a little about what he has seen during the pandemic and how art has helped both him and others More ...
Pitmen Painters 800
The Pitmen Painters
Lynn Green on how a group of miners who took up painting not only inspired her creativity, but also offered profound insights to discipleship More ...
Waiting with hope 800
Waiting with Hope
A reflection from Baptist Union President Geoff Colmer More ...
Its important 800
It's important to base my songs on scripture
Interview with UK worship leader and songwriter Luke Wareham of Clevedon Baptist Church More ...
Heba 800
We Speak Jesus
The story of the HEBA Lockdown Choir More ...
What songs 800
What songs have we been singing in the pandemic?
Have particular worship songs or hymns resonated or grown in popularity in the last 18 months? More ...
At Peace 800
At peace with my tears through writing
The written word has long been one of the primary ways Baptist minister Jeannie Kendall has made sense of the world. More ...
Journaling 800
A Spiritual practice that seeks to discern the presence and movement of God in your life
An introduction to journaling, but Romilly Mark Janes More ...
Lament 800
An ancient practice for our times, by Amy Boucher Pye More ...
Finding creative 800
Finding creative ways to serve churches
The pandemic restrictions led to Christian theatre company LAMPS producing a new kind of show. Sam Pullen-Campbell explains more More ...
Prayer spaces 800
Prayer Spaces in Schools
Exploring life’s questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way More ...
ToddlerGroupPrayer 800
The God of the Toddler Group
A prayer by Clare Hooper More ...
Visions of Card 800
Introducing Visions of Colour
Course developer Eleasah Louis explains more about this new racial justice training programme for Baptist ministers More ...
Here for support 800
Here for support
Sade Popoola's work aims to convey her appreciation for Black Nigerian history and culture More ...
Psalm paintings 800
Psalm Paintings by Anneke Kaai
Anneke Kaai is a Dutch artist whose 'Abstract and symbolic' style work is inspired by the Bible. More ...

For other articles from this edition, please see the 'Stories from the Ground' section.
A printed copy of the magazine is being sent to each minister, church secretary and church treasurer and additional copies are available to purchase from our online shop.
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A crucial conference for the climate is taking place in Glasgow in November. COP26 is a global United Nations summit about climate change and how countries are planning to tackle it.
Reflections and prayers for a world at work, by Phil Jump and John Weaver
Seidel Boanerges endured personal heartbreak during the pandemic. He explains why he has hope in the face of an uncertain tomorrow
“College never prepared me for this” has been a common refrain among ministers, by Tim Fergusson and Winston Bygrave
An update from some of our smaller churches, by Hilary Taylor
Most good children’s and youth work is born out of chaos, writes Robin Smith