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Others ways to get involved in the Heritage Property Initiative

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with, and benefit from, the Heritage Property Initiative if you have a listed building in England or Wales. Read more about what's happening and how you can participate below.

We're gathering information on how we can support you better

Throughout the Initiative we'll be gathering information on the churches with listed buildings' experiences, and how we can best support them. If you have five minutes, please fill in the short questionnaires linked below to help us plan future support:

SURVEY 1: Quinquennial Inspections
SURVEY 2: Feedback about having a listed building

We're collecting Quinquennial Inspection and condition surveys to assess the overall condition of listed chapels in England and Wales and identify the most common maintenance and repairs needed.

If you've had a Quinquennial Inspection Report in the last five years and you haven't already shared it with us, please send it in digital format to listedbuildings@baptist.org.uk

If your Quinquennial Inspection report is from 2016 or before, or you haven't had one, you may be eligible for a grant to support you to commission a new one. See below for more details. 

Grants for Quinquennial Inspections

In order to help ensure all Baptist churches with listed buildings have an up-to-date condition survey, we are offering, in partnership with Historic England, a limited number of grants towards the fees associated with obtaining one.

These grants are available to any Baptist church in England with a listed building. Find out more and apply here.

If you're not eligible for this round of support but would have liked to apply for a grant towards a QI we'd like to hear from you. Just drop us an email at listedbuildings@baptist.org.uk with 'QI GRANT APP' in the subject line.

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Other ways to get involved in the quinqennial inspection project
Find out about grants for Quinquennial Inspections and how to apply for a grant
Applying for a Quinqennial Inspection Grant for a Listed Building