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Opinions/reflections - January - June 2018

The role of Simeon and Anna in the Christmas story shows there is a place for old people in the purposes of God
Reflections on identity, and life as a Baptist minister in training. By Molly Boot, undergraduate at Regent’s Park College
What would Jesus say to Donald Trump, Theresa May and Mark Zuckerberg? And what might we learn from this?
What does mindful worship look like? An organiser of the first ever National Mindfulness Day for Christians reflects
Do you want to explore more about who you are and who you are called to be? Lucy Mills introduces her second book
What the book of Job reveals about the nature of God, human suffering and ultimately, happy endings
Struggled for years in my addiction to porn, but I was ultimately set free through an encounter with Jesus
Churches are increasingly defined by their social action. It's time our thinking caught up, argues a Baptist minister
A personal view of what being a Christian means, by Baptist pastor Nic Boyns - a reflection for people exploring their faith
Chris Goswami shares five things he wished someone had explained to him when he became a Christian
Thoughts on how your church can intentionally welcome mums of young children not just for one day, but all year round
Feminism is disparaged. Equal pay doesn't exist. The change needs to come from each individual man
How an emphasis on individual reform at the heart of evangelical convictions blinds us to hardwired injustice
Jesus's trial shows the worst of the mob. But I want to go on believing in, and working at community
It is natural to look back at all we’ve “given up”. But it is more important to look up and see what has been given up for us
In our restless, noisy, troubled world, a quiet time is something we need, and something we harm ourselves by neglecting
Our data is their business – so should we continue using it? Chris Goswami reflects on the Facebook furore
Fifty years on from the death of Martin Luther King, a Baptist minister has a new dream for the Church
How do we understand the cross? Probably the short answer is we don’t - but here are several responses to help
Martin Luther King set a new standard for church-based social activism, writes Wale Hudson Roberts
Jesus asks us to tell his story... and her story - reflecting on the #metoo movement as we journey to the cross
A reflection on how we share the gospel, and how it's heard. Can we do more justice to the vision proclaimed by Jesus?
A Baptist minister explains why he wrote a Christian novel for children about bullying – and his hopes for it
How do young people feel about caring for creation care? Students from Luckley House School share their thoughts
We all need encouragement from time to time - this is what it is (and isn't), writes a Baptist minister
Progress towards true equality has long been difficult, but the destruction of the Windrush landing cards is something else
A conviction that women should not have pastoral charge of a Baptist church is still held in some places today
All Christians have a theology, but what makes for a good one? Joshua T Searle introduces his new book
Introducing a new title from Care for the Family to help parents feel confident about nurturing faith in our children
I'm fully behind Thy Kingdom Come - but what would happen if we really did see the Kingdom of God come?
It only leads to more pain in the long term - better to declare where you stand on the LGBT issue from the outset
Should Christians plan ahead? A reflection on why we should - and some thoughts on how best to do it
The sermon also served as a reminder of some of the racial injustices that black people still face today
Bishop Michael Curry's sermon at the royal wedding on Saturday had everyone talking. What can preachers learn?
Jesus was preached and the crowd responded; and the religious were too busy critiquing the doctrine
Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God? Unpicking an idea to develop something more robust
Mary Taylor blogs ahead of the ‘Celebrating, Surviving and Thriving: Women in Baptist Ministry’ conference
An awkward situation for every Christian: how to respond when someone uses offensive language?
Baptist minister Steve Tinning reviews a new app which aims to highlight exploitation at hand car washes
How a story-telling approach, aware of secular mindsets, is more in keeping with how Jesus communicated 2000 years ago
Baptist minister Andy Goodliff on the teaching (and teacher) which helped him read Paul's letters with new eyes
How did God communicate with early humans? We know a little more – and this affects how we understand scripture
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