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Opinions/reflections - July - December 2017 

Why we must choose to see past the mere physical exterior and see the true heart beauty that God values
Our ability to share and reimagine God’s kingdom on earth is helped by taking notice of the art that surrounds us
Reaction and analysis to a survey of Baptist ministers about their Bible-reading habits. By Paul Beasley-Murray
Baptist church planter Joe Haward seeks to help us reconnect with our beautiful humanity, discovered in Jesus
Mark Roques struggled with evangelism – until he discovered how to talk about Jesus in a natural way
There are moments when, even in this earthly life, we get little glimpses of something eternal, writes Colin Sedgwick
Baptist theologian Helen Paynter offers points for reflection that may help broaden our understanding
How do we disarm suspicion of faith and direct people towards an authentic encounter with the living Jesus?
Seven reasons why praying together is more effective than purely praying alone. By Chris Band
On God’s schedule, rest is always planned. Here are three tips when thinking about the Sabbath
Looking at examples from the Bible, a Baptist minister reflects on how long we should be praying for
Reflecting on Charlottesville, Mary Taylor says it vital we study how the Bible holds up a light to current events
As part of his sabbatical, Anthony Crawford took part in Mission to Wales. This is what happened
Churches need to raise their game to tackle the injustices that afflict our society, writes a Baptist minister
There is much to learn from the Old Testament, as the 1 Samuel story involving Nabal, David, and Abigail shows
Exploring the impact of the digital world on teenagers and younger children - and our response as parents
A pastor's response to the latest British Social Attitudes survey, which stated half UK now "non-religious"
'Like some bell curve of Christian faith, I feel I’m on the downward drop. And you know what? I’m loving it'
Baptist minister Ifor Williams has written a much-praised book on giving. He explains how it came about
There are a range of ways Christians can support prisoners and the Prison Service
A Baptist minister revisits the Declaration of Principle (DoP) through the prism of the Reformation
The primary school is a place where community really meets - and where Christians can serve with integrity
It is hard to communicate how chaotic and vulnerable lives can be. How do we respond to the world of the broken?
Ageing means our bodies are not what they were, but here's why we mustn't lose heart, writes a Baptist minister
The Reformation was a wonderful gift from God - but we should acknowledge where the Reformers went wrong too
Justice Enabler Wale Hudson-Roberts reflects on the time since this historic resolution was agreed by our Council
What of the children of Calais? I tell you that tonight these children sleep in woods, on slag heaps, in industrial zones.
Or more relevantly, should we be concerned about our modes of transport and the source of our energy consumption?
Interfaith discussions and studies are fine - but are we asking the right questions? By Alec Gilmore
The Pope admitting to falling asleep when he prays led to the BBC calling a Baptist minister for a series of radio interviews
It's the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's visit to Newcastle University - here's how to honour his legacy
As a dyed-in-the-wool, evangelical Baptist, I don’t care much for incense. But then I read Revelation
What it needs, and the impact it can have: a reflection on the art and the importance of listening well
Our complicity in a global financial system relentlessly in favour of the rich while exploiting the poor
Do we really believe that one day we will see Jesus? An invitation to ponder one of the richest verses in the Bible
It didn’t have the same shock value as last year, but 2017 still had its share of defining events. Here are just three
We live in a world more convinced of fairies, yet angels are everywhere, including the heart of the Christmas story
There are many grim stories from around the world - but the Christmas story is essentially about putting it right
A story-telling way with evangelism and the impact of the digital world were among the most read opinion pieces
Reformation, disasters and terror: some more defining events of 2017 – and what they mean for Christians
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