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The problem... is men

Feminism, even in its milder forms is disparaged. Equal pay doesn't exist. The change needs to come from each individual man, writes Moira Kleissner 

ID-100190156I have become more and more concerned with men in our country. Men can be lovely, add spice and wisdom and a different way of looking at things from women. However…
In recent days we have seen women and girls abused physically and mentally, comments in the media from men about women and the disparaging of women’s right to exist as sentient beings. One just needs to look no further than BBC News website discussion posts. 
Feminism, even in its milder forms is disparaged, made fun of and dismissed. We are supposed to have equal pay and rights in this country but it just doesn’t happen. Even in many of our churches we have been taught that women are somehow of less importance than men. How many articles are there by women even on the Baptist website?

We talk about women being equal but having different roles. But isn’t that just an excuse for saying women are somehow lesser beings than men?
What is the problem?
In one word it is quite simply… MEN. 
Something has gone seriously wrong in the way that we are bringing up boys and men to have these kinds of attitudes towards women; thinking they have the right to do what they want to a women, that they are more important than women, say what they want and demand their way with impunity simply because they are a man. The change needs to come from each individual man, not wave a hand and say it is someone else's problem.
What are we going to do about it? 

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Moira Kleissner is a member of Christchurch United Church, Llanederyn, Cardiff

Baptist Times, 08/03/2018
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