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National news stories in 2019 


Faith representatives have urged the government to move from a hostile environment towards a culture of sanctuary
A new series of Firestarter events that explore Baptist church growth have been organised for 2019
The deficit in the Baptist Pension Scheme has been reduced following Family Solution implementation
A report from the Theology Live conference, which provides a space for Baptists involved in theological research
Details of the annual conference of Hope Into Action, a charity helping churches fight homelessness
Lynn Green has joined Christian leaders encouraging people to join in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Two Christian organisations join the campaign to address the need for black, Asian and minority ethnic organ donors
The long service of David Lovegrove to the United Board has been recognised at its annual conference
A revamped format, a first-time venue, a two-day programme and flexible ticket options - this year's Baptist Assembly
Baptisms in the bucket of a JCB, a notable retirement - a report from a conference for chaplains to the military
Churches are being invited to pray for students around the world on the Universal Day of Prayer for Students
The latest report monitoring gender balance at Christian festivals and conferences has been released
Feedback from this year's Crucible Course has been encouraging - and there are upcoming taster days
Baptists challenged to make significant commitments to changing their lifestyles for the climate this Lent
This year's David Goodbourn Lecture will raise questions about charities and faith in relation to justice
Fresh Expressions is undergoing a process of change, and Baptists are now at the heart of the movement
Christians responded to the Brexit crisis by filling a huge prayer wall with hundreds of prayers
An online poll finds funding repairs is the biggest problem facing the UK's church buildings
Justice concerns were at the heart of the latest meeting of Baptist Union Council, which took place 13-14 March
The Director of Mission is joining Biglife Ministries in a new role shared with the Yorkshire Baptist Association
Christians are being encouraged to pray as we approach the date when the UK is scheduled to leave the EU
Yinka Oyekan, minister of The Gate in Reading, has been elected President of our Baptist Union for 2020-21
Annual prayer focus encourages churches to pray for the work of their toddler groups throughout June
A report from the latest gathering of Association representatives with a heart for small churches
Sessions building robots to explore AI and science-faith themed videos among latest grant recipients
The current uncertainty in the UK means openness to the Gospel is potentially far greater than normal - Gavin Calver
Thousands of people across the country are expected to mark the 20th anniversary celebration of Open the Book
The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) has published a briefing to aid church members ahead of the European elections
Recent changes to the system will not fundamentally change the impact on struggling families, say churches
What difference will Missio Dei make to Baptist churches? A question explored by Dr Kang-San Tan
New Baptist Union Presidents hopes churches and ministers will engage with the challenge
Baptists have been urged to be secure in their identity in Jesus, get rid of things that hinder... and keep running the race
New resources, addresses from Ben Francis and daughter Abigail, an update One Million Lives Transformed
Young people at the Baptist Assembly were encouraged to reflect on their relationship with God, and its impact
The Baptist Union of Great Britain AGM took place on Sunday morning
Ministers and mission personnel were recognised and prayed for on a packed Assembly Saturday night
The flaws of Universal Credit were shared at the Baptist Assembly - alongside ways churches can respond
Delegates learnt about how to host an interactive listening workshop in their churches and Associations
A movement of Baptist churches is seeing unusual growth – and wants to share lessons with other churches
For the duration of this year’s Assembly in Telford there was a space set aside for prayer and meditation
New ways to resource, network and encourage our Union’s smaller churches was the focus of a Saturday afternoon session
Baptists were urged to ditch the negative human narratives and have confidence in God’s call on our lives.
The unpredictability of the Holy Spirit in uniting people was highlighted in the Communion service
Thirst aimed to provide a more informal setting to connect with God at the 2019 Baptist Assembly
Survey reveals churches’ struggle to connect with young people as charity launches new grants programme
Lynn Green reports on a meeting hosted by Christian Aid with the Deputy General Secretary for the UN
The design and location for a new landmark that aims to inspire the nation to pray has been revealed
Christian organisations have encouraged churches to engage in the national ‘Let’s Talk Loneliness’ Campaign
A message from BUild (Baptist Union Initiative with People with Learning Disabilities), whose work has ended
A series of recommendations to engage and release young adults in mission and leadership have been made
Pantries are membership-based food clubs that enable people to access food at a small fraction of its usual price
A ‘stain on our lives’ - a report from the National Modern Slavery Summits, hosted by Together Free
A new report into whether workplaces are humanity-affirming or dehumanising has been launched
Gavin Calver, an accredited Baptist evangelist, will be the new CEO of the Evangelical Alliance
The latest Baptist Historical Society Summer School explored Baptists in the 20th Century
Christians write to Boris Johnson to state no-deal Brexit is 'gambling with the basic needs of our poorest citizens'
In partnership with Mothers’ Union and Project 3:28, CRE will devote its final day to issues faced by women
Spurgeon’s College seeks Christian community support after regulatory body turns down registration application
Significant challenges still exist for Baptist women. Jane’s role is to research the issues and to offer ways of overcoming them
Baptists Together have moved quickly to support students planning to train for Baptist ministry at Spurgeon’s College in light of the Office for Students (OfS) declining the College’s application for registration
A national conference to support and equip toddler group leaders is taking place at the end of the month
More than a quarter of a million pounds is heading to churches and Christian organisations all over the UK
Former Liberal Democrat leader's memoir aims to offer understanding of relationship between faith and politics
Jonathan Woodhouse, the first-ever Baptist to become Chaplain General, is speaking at CRE
The subject of reparations for slavery is the focus of the eighth Sam Sharpe Lecture in October
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Tim Fergusson as Ministerial Development Adviser
Church from Scratch in Southend has produced a new film to help churches reflect on and discuss sensitive issues around sexuality
Four in 10 anxious about important decisions and uncertain about the future, a new report has warned
The fifteenth year of the Crucible course begins this autumn, with modules for the first time available in four different cities – London, Exeter, Manchester and Southampton
Leading scholar in the field of Black Theology will be the new Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture at Regent’s Park College, Oxford
With a contemporary new look and feel, the website has been designed to enable people to find the information that they’re looking for more quickly
The meeting considered what actions might follow from this summer’s BWA Resolution: Recognising and affirming the calling of women in the church
Christian charity Linking Lives UK challenging people to spend 24 hours in isolation, having no contact with the outside world
Theology Live is a day which recognises the breadth of Baptists engaged in theological and biblical scholarship
A reflective report of the recent conference The State of Diaspora Mission in the UK
A report has found young people who are engaged with church are more likely to say they are optimistic about the future, and are secure in who they are
A report and reflection by Clive Burnard about the recent event celebrating 100 years of ordaining women to Baptist ministry
Those trapped in Modern Slavery would turn to the church for help, according to a new report
Mark Roques reports on a recent conference which affirmed business as a sphere of life that God is very concerned about
How Baptist ministerial formation is funded was a major topic at the latest Baptist Union Council
Current Baptist Union President Ken Benjamin is to take up a key strategic role with The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)
Christian charity acet UK has warned of new challenges in HIV prevention ahead of World AIDS Day on 1 December
New college units are being prepared that will make 'a vital contribution in equipping Baptist ministers for the particular challenges of the increasingly post-Christendom context'
Church-based, actively Christian groups have teamed up to create a new network of Christian heritage tour operators, writes Adrian Gray
Treasurer John Levick reports on the latest meeting of the Church Investors Group
An appeal by Spurgeon's College after its registration application was turned down by the Office for Students, and the introduction to Ken Benjamin's Presidential theme were among the most read national news stories in 2019
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