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Prepared to Give an Answer

Baptist minister’s clear guide to those perennial questions non-Christians fire at them; a good study book for house groups 

Prepared to Give An Answer Prepared to Give an Answer
By Peter Thomas
ISBN: 978 178456 390 0
Reviewer: David Stuckey

There are few people who would claim to know all the answers to all the questions non-Christians fire at them. They change with each passing day, with each new gizmo that claims to bring us ‘instant knowledge’ and the web is full of those who think they alone know the whole truth.

Baptist minister Peter Thomas has written a clear guide for those who are confused about the basic questions of Christianity, and how to handle those believers who may be overtly dogmatic. He tackles those queries which are most often asked and suggests workable approaches towards acceptable answers. Never dogmatic, he aids and advises his readers to think for themselves.

A good study book for house groups taking a fresh look at perennial questions. It is also liberally sprinkled not only with useful verses from the Bible – but also hymn verses, nuggets of knowledge from other sources and really helpful anecdotes. It is designed to help believers think for themselves and urges them to be prepared to talk about Jesus with those who seek a closer walk with Him.

Above all Peter advocates not being backward in coming forward when spreading the Good News. He re-tells the story of a lady who once criticised the great evagelist DL Moody for his methods of proclaiming the gospel.

'I don’t iike the way you do it,' she told him.

'I agree with you,' said Moody. 'I often don’t like it either. So tell me – how do you do it?'

Taken aback the lady said, 'But I don’t do it.'

'In that case,' said Moody, 'I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it.'

The answer seems to be – don’t be afraid of sharing the Good News – in your own way and with God’s help. 

David Stuckey is a journalist and member of Maghull Baptist Church


We need to talk more about Jesus: How can we help contacts on the fringe of the church to become inquirers seeking Jesus? Baptist minister Peter Thomas shares his sabbatical studies 

Baptist Times, 05/05/2017
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