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Who is this shining man of light?

What happened when a Muslim man saw Jesus in a dream: a testimony from North Africa 


Thirty-two-year-old Hamid* awoke with his heart pounding. He took a moment to focus in the darkness of his bedroom in North Africa. Such a strange dream!

What did it mean?


Am I the only one?

While on the internet, Hamid stumbled across a short video on social media asking, ‘Have you dreamed of Jesus?’ He clicked play and watched in amazement as individuals shared their experiences of spiritual dreams. One account was similar to Hamid’s.


The startling dream

The video ended with an invitation to explore the meaning of the dream on an Arabic website. Encouraged by the opportunity, and hoping for answers, Hamid submitted his dream to the website:


I dreamt I was being buried alive. Sand poured over me in a relentless tide, pinning my body beneath its weight. I tried to struggle or cry out, but that only made things worse. I could do nothing to help myself. The sand was up to my chest and I strained my neck upwards, trying to keep my head clear. But the sand continued to cascade over me, until at last only my hand was visible.

I thought that all was lost, but then felt someone take hold of my hand. I was pulled right out of the sandy pit and placed on solid ground. I tried to make out who the rescuer was.

A man shining with light stood before me. Looking into my eyes, he said, ‘I have paid the full price for you. Rest and follow Me.’

The rescuer has a name

Soon after, Hamid’s smartphone pinged with a message from Mira*, a member of the Arab World Media response team. It was a joy for her to respond to Hamid’s many questions and introduce him to Jesus, the man full of light.

She unpacked the Bible’s message of how the Messiah paid the full price of Hamid’s wrong-doing through His death and resurrection.


Walking in the faith

The Holy Spirit was clearly working in Hamid’s heart, using these conversations to illuminate the truth of the gospel.

Within a week, Hamid made a profession of faith and embraced Jesus, the Light of the World.

Mira has now put Hamid in touch with a local believer in North Africa so that they can encourage one another as companions in Christ. 

*name has been changed

Photo | Unsplash

This is an edited version of an article which first appeared in awmlink, the free quarterly magazine of Arab World Ministry of Pioneers. It is republished with permission. Visit the website for more testimonies 

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Baptist Times, 07/03/2017
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