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Application for a Grant from the Baptists Together Pastoral Fund

Empowering acts of kindness

In conjunction with the Psalms and Hymns Support Fund (registered charity no. 1089179)

Grants are available to help address individual needs; these may result from financial hardship or may represent a personal difficulty which can be assisted by financial support.  You can apply for yourself or make an application on behalf of somebody else. 

Applications to the Baptists Together Pastoral Fund are welcome from Baptist workers, ie:

  • Accredited or non-accredited Baptist ministers or youth or family workers, in a BUGB church
  • Other people employed by a BUGB church, Association, College or by the Baptist Union
  • Mission workers working with BMS World Mission or other people employed by BMS.

We are delighted to be working alongside the Psalms and Hymns Support Fund (registered charity no. 1089179).  Applications to the Psalms and Hymns Support Fund are welcome from:
  • Widows, widowers and orphans of Baptist ministers, mission workers and accredited church workers
  • Retired Baptist ministers, retired mission workers and retired accredited church workers.
Grant Recipient's Name:
Email address:
Telephone number:

If you are applying for yourself, please provide the contact details of somebody who we can approach to confirm your eligibility for this grant, if necessary.  This individual should be a minister, charity trustee or employee in a BUGB church or Association, or an employee of another BUGB organisation, or BMS World Mission.  They should be familiar with the background to your application and able to confirm your need for financial support. 

If you are applying on behalf of somebody else you should insert your own contact details as the ‘referee’.      
Name of referee:
Email address of referee:

Unless you tell us otherwise we will use the personal information that you have provided to us, in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and our Privacy Statement.  If we are unable to use your information it may affect our ability to work with you.  Click here for our Privacy Statement.

Please explain why a grant is needed (applications will not be accepted for student bursaries or sabbatical study):

Amount requested (if known):
Please explain how our eligibility criteria are met:

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Application for a grant from the Baptists Together Pastoral Fund and the Psalms and Hymns Support Fund