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Baptists Together Pastoral Fund

Empowering acts of kindness

Some of the funds have come from money originally given to assist accredited ministers, including retired ministers and their widows.  Investment growth has contributed significantly to the money that is now available.  In addition the Spurgeon Memorial Trust has been dissolved and this capital was donated to support the new Pastoral Fund.

Applications are encouraged on behalf of, or from, any ‘Baptist Worker’.  This will normally include people who are:

  • Accredited or non-accredited Baptist ministers or youth or family workers, in a BUGB church
  • Other people employed by a BUGB church, Association, College or by the Baptist Union
  • Mission workers working with BMS World Mission or other people employed by BMS.

Finance is limited and will be allocated according to priority based on individual need; we will not be able to agree to every request.  Funds might be available for people who do not fall within these categories but only in exceptional circumstances.  It is expected that the average grant will be in the range £250 - £500 but applications are welcome up to £1,500.

Applications will not be accepted for student bursaries or sabbatical study.

Special Terms during Coronavirus Emergency
During the Coronavirus emergency the BUGB Trustees have agreed to increase the cap on applications to £5,000 and will look sympathetically on any hardship situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.  The Trustees also agreed to extend the scope of the fund to cover any Baptist Minister in Training even where they don’t strictly meet the definition of Baptist Worker.  Where the hardship is caused by financial difficulties in a Baptist church or other Baptist organisation who are an individual's main source of income, it is expected that the organisation should apply for a grant or loan first to ensure that they can continue to meet their obligations.

How to apply
There are three ways to make an application to the Baptists Together Pastoral Fund:

Janet Quarry
Baptists Together Pastoral Fund
Baptist Union of Great Britain
Baptist House, 129 Broadway
OX11 8XD

How to donate

We welcome donations to the Baptists Together Pastoral Fund which can be made below or by contacting the Pastoral Fund.

DonateNowButtonDonations made via this 'Donate now' button are handled securely by Just Giving.  Please specify that your donation is for the Pastoral Fund in the 'Message' field.

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Find out about this fund established in 1925
Find out about the Pastoral Fund for Baptist workers
Find out about this fund established in 1925