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Hundreds Gather to Give Fitting Farewell to Murdered Baptist 

June 2012

More than 350 people crammed into Albany Road Baptist Church, Cardiff to give a fitting farewell to Peter Lewis, who was murdered nearly two months before

Peter, 68, died from a stab wound he received in the communal area of the building where he lived on April 28.

His funeral had been delayed because of the investigation, but took place on Thursday at the church where he worshipped.

The hour-long service featured his favourite hymns, Bible readings and a poem written for him by a Sunday school teacher when he was a teenager.

Tributes were led by sister Anne Wood, highlighting his passion for life, capacity to retain and appropriately use scripture, and humour. There were also representatives from charities which Peter, who had learning difficulties, supported.

The coverage of the funeral featured on the first three pages of the next South Wales Echo.

‘The fact that so many people were spoke of the impact Peter had,’ minister the Revd Richard Hardy said. 'It was colossal.

‘There was a sense in which, despite the tragic circumstances surrounding his death, Peter is now in a place where he was looking forward to being.’

Mr Hardy added that while the congregation were shocked and traumatised by the nature of Peter’s death, it had galvanised them into a new focus on mission.

‘They very quickly wanted to catch hold of something of his legacy. Peter wanted to see the church grow, the gospel preached and people coming to Christ.

‘In many respects his death has pulled the church together and given a fresh focus for mission.’

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