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Different approaches to covenant 

The Spring 2016 edition of Baptist Together Magazine focused on the aspect of our renewed culture where 'we feel like one team'. As part of this we invited different expressions of church to share their approach to covenant.

The following was submitted by accredited Baptist minister James Karran, the Cardiff-based leader of a new monastic community called Llan

The concept of covenant has been part of Christian tradition since the earliest days. The 1st century Christian text of The Didache reveals that those who wanted to explore becoming a follower of The Way were asked, after a lengthy period of training, to live according to 'The Way of Life' as opposed to 'The Way of Death'.

By necessity this also involved committing to be in community with those who had also 'chosen Life', for accountability, encouragement, and a communal witness. Over the centuries this notion of covenant centered around a commitment to discipleship has been adopted by many Christian traditions, including monasticism and anabaptism, and is the principle underlying Llan's approach to community.

We too commit to living by a 'way of life' as Christ's apprentices, which is our summary of Jesus' teaching and example. Our 'way of life' consists of three aspects: hospitality, blessing and journeying, and commitment to these is the glue that binds our community together.


Baptist Times, 02/01/2016
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