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Chris Lewis on how a small church in Swansea has been a catalyst in bringing people together

Swansea East foodbankHistorian and journalist Simon Schama recently wrote, ‘My generation grew up thinking that religion was completely marginal to British life, which, as for the rest of the world, has been proved more and more wrong’ (Daily Mail, 24 June 2014). 
Churches, even small ones can be influential and one such is Mount Zion in Bonymaen, East Swansea.

The chapel with a membership of nine is the home to the Swansea East Food Bank. The small cause has been a catalyst bringing together local people and the City and County of Swansea as supporters. As the only foodbank in the Swansea East constituency the MP Sian James and Assembly Member have added their weight.
Pictured is Mike Hedges AM, who declared his office a collection point. He came in person for a collecting box and is seen accepting it from volunteer Megan Wheatland and her daughter Deandra.

The Revd Chris Lewis is minister of Mount Zion Baptist Chapel in Bonymaen, Swansea

Baptist Times, 30/06/2014
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