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Happy Ever After?

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    Baptism, Belonging and Breaking Bread by Paul Beasley-Murray
    (Book) 3093 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £3.50
    A study guide for preparing for baptism, written for BUGB by Paul Beasley-Murray.

    Communities of Conviction by Ian M Randall
    (Book) 17 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £6.00
    Previous Price : £13.00
    (You save 54%)
    Comprehensive overview of Baptist beginnings in Europe by Ian M. Randall.

    English Baptist History & Heritage by Roger Hayden
    (Book) 998 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £9.00
    Roger Hayden explores English Baptist history from its beginnings to the twentieth century.

    Gathering Around the Table: Children and Communion
    (Book) 28 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £3.50
    Where is the child in our understanding of Church and of Communion? This series of six studies challenges us to explore what it means to be a community inclusive of the youngest amongst us.

    Gathering For Worship
    (Book) 73 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £33.00
    Book offering support to the Baptist community for leading worship in the twenty-first century. It suggests outlines and worship resources to help prepare various types of worship events and includes a CD-Rom of the text.

    Happy Ever After? by Paul Beasley-Murray
    (Book) 1669 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £3.50
    A resource for marriage preparation by Paul Beasley-Murray.

    Hope in God's Future
    (Book) 12 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £1.75
    Previous Price : £3.50
    (You save 50%)
    A report and study guide from the Joint Public Issues Team including reflections and questions for use by study groups.

    Journeying Through Conflict: Part of Life
    (Book) 203 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £4.00
    Training pack for handling tensions in church relationships.

    Making A Splash!
    (Book) 78 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £4.00
    "Making a Splash!" was written by a group of youth specialists to help young people prepare for their baptism.

    Making Moral Choices
    (Book) 2464 in stock
    Not rated.
    Price : £3.00
    A thoughtful study guide, for individual or group use, that examines the process of making moral choices and goes on to apply this to the difficult area of human sexuality and relationships.

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