Baptist Insurance Company

Baptist Insurance - experts in church and home insurance

Baptist Insurance has been insuring Baptist churches since 1905 and is now the market leader in the field. The company now provides insurance and risk management advice for churches, as well as offering home insurance for Baptists Ministers, church volunteers and church members.

Baptist Insurance provides unique support for Baptist churches through their team of Insurance Consultants and Surveyors who can visit your church to discuss your insurance needs in person. To supplement this service, the Baptist Insurance web site also includes a wide range of materials to help you with issues such as health and safety and security, as well as a risk assessment template, designed specifically for Baptist churches.

And if you do need to make a claim, you'll get a knowledgeable member of our claims team to help you through the process, making everything to do with your claim smooth and hassle-free, getting things sorted as quickly as possible.

And on top of this, all distributable profits are re-invested back into the Baptist community...helping you to continue the great work you do. 

To find out more, visit the Baptist Insurance website.