European Baptist Federation

The Baptist Union of Great Britain is a member of the European Baptist Federation (EBF), which aims ‘to strengthen and draw together Baptists in Europe and the Middle East on the basis of their Christian witness and distinctive convictions, to encourage and inspire them in faith and fellowship and shared responsibility, and to seek in all its endeavours to fulfill the will of Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour.’

The EBF, founded in 1949 to unite European Baptists as Europe emerged from the devastation of World War 2, is comprised of approximately 770,000 Baptists in 52 Unions and Conventions, and 7 affiliated churches and networks, stretching from Portugal to the far reaches of Russia.

Included in this family are Baptists in Eurasia and the Middle and Near East.  EBF leaders work continuously to help strengthen the relationships in these countries where, as of now, no formal union exists.

The European Baptist Federation also serves as the European representative for the Baptist World Alliance.

The EBF Council met in Sofia, Bulgaria in September 2015.  Please click on the video below for a 'flavour' of the spirit of the meetings.  Although she is not named in the film it shows BUGB President, Jenni Entrican, being welcomed as the new Vice-President of the EBF, along with the new EBF President, Asatur Nahapetyan from Armenia.