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About the Project

In November 2007 the Baptist Union Council made a formal Apology for '…our share in and benefit from our nation’s participation in the transatlantic slave trade'.  This was made in person by representatives of BUGB the following year in Jamaica. Subsequently a strategic plan was formulated and has begun to be implemented.
During the same period the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture was developing research around the figure of the black Baptist Deacon Sam Sharpe, and in April 2010 hosted the first International Conference on Sharpe in partnership with BUGB, BMS World Mission and the Jamaica Baptist Union. Following this initial Sam Sharpe Conference, many of the delegates expressed a desire for a Sam Sharpe Project to be established.  A number of partners came together, and the project was born.
It is hoped that the Sam Sharpe Project will be an important contribution to the field of Black Baptist Studies.
The Project is being coordinated by Wale Hudson-Roberts.

Click here for more information about the Project Partners and the Collaborators and Sponsors.
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