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Utility Aid - Church Energy Bills

For many churches gas and electricity bills are one of their largest expenditure items.  There can be significant savings for churches in ensuring they are on the most appropriate tariffs and being billed correctly.  In particular most churches as charities are entitled to a reduced rate of VAT on their energy bills.  If this has not been applied you can not only get it changed but may be able to claim a rebate.

Baptists Together are working in partnership with Utility Aid, a specialist energy broker focussed on the charity sector.  Utility Aid are offering a free energy bill audit to our member churches. If you sign up, Utility Aid will check your bills for any overcharging and work with you to claim any refunds due.  This service is entirely free and you will receive 100% of any refund due. To take advantage of this service, visit www.utility-aid.co.uk/baptist and enter your church details to start the process.

Some churches may have found that their utility supplier has gone out of business due to the recent turmoil in energy markets.  If this has happened to you, Utility Aid are very happy to help and offer advice on what to do even if you have not been a customer of theirs in the past.  Please go to www.utility-aid.co.uk/baptist and fill in your details to get a call back.

There is no obligation to use Utility Aid, but we are aware of a number of churches that have seen significant benefits, with over £120,000 saved by Baptist organisations working with Utility Aid.  If you are out of contract for your energy bills or your contract is coming close to renewal, we advise you to appoint a broker, such as Utility Aid, to find the best deal for you.
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