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Project Approach

The project is taking place in the following phases:
  • Engagement - July to September 2021
  • Witness - July to October 2021
  • Investigation and Accompaniment - 2022 and 2023
  • Conversation and Discernment - January to March 2024
  • Witness - April 2024 to July 2024 
We are intentionally taking a variety of approaches including:
  • Engaging with those who shape women's experience of ministry to explain the project to them and invite them to support it.
  • Inviting all women ministers to contribute a written reflection of their experience and the questions that matter to them.
  • Identifying and accompanying three groups of co-researchers to investigate a questions that arises from their ministry and experience.  This phase and the next are based on a participatory approach to research called Theological Action Research.
  • Mobilising a group of women theologians to reflect with co-researchers and discern insights for theology and practice.
  • Taking the findings of the research back to the stakeholders for them to discern how their practice might develop and to seek the mind of Christ.
  • Disseminating what we have learned in the Baptist community and beyond. 

Click here for a recording of the presentation given about the project at the launch.

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