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Listening to lived experience

We are seeking to create ways for people to listen to others with different views and experiences. These stories have been shared with us through these listening pages or through the Baptist Times. We are grateful to those who have been willing to share their stories.

Please get in touch if you'd like to share your story with us.

A Biblically-based Obedience
A reflection from Baptist minister Steve Latham More ...
A journey towards inclusion and affirmation 
Mike Parker shares developments in his ministry and that of the church he co-pastors, Worthing Baptist Church More ...
Baptist Times
Yes no223
Avoiding 'agreeing to disagree'  
It only leads to more pain in the long term - better to declare where you stand on the LGBT issue from the outset More ...
Baptist Times
Human sexuality and identity
As Baptists, can we live in the tension of our differences, bound together in our common love of the Risen Christ? More ...
Baptist Times
Lost hope800
I’ve lost hope 
We face a haemorrhage of ministers, and people not coming forward for training, unless we tackle issues of prejudice in our Union, writes Andy Fitchet More ...
Baptist Times
8x4 Seun Kolade 2nd image
Listen actively, speak graciously 
Reflections on a recent church process to discuss differing views to same-sex relationships. More ...
Baptist Times
My story is different and often doesn’t get heard
I am a Baptist minister who accepts the traditional/orthodox teaching on human sexuality. I feel my denomination does not care about my sacrifice and years of obedience - and I'm hurting More ...
Baptist Times
Results from LGBT+ Christians survey 
A new survey has revealed how unsafe many LGBT+ Christians feel to be themselves in their regular places of worship More ...
Baptist Times
She is still my child, and part of God’s creation
Last year my son told me he is transgender. This is what has happened since, writes a Baptist church member More ...
Baptist Times
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A reflection from Baptist minister Steve Latham