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Many Baptist Churches have, over the years, adopted one of the Baptist Model Trusts. These Model Trusts state that the church can only call a minister whose name appears on the Baptist Union’s Register of Nationally Accredited Ministers.  However, if a church has an older foundation deed, then any stipulations about the qualifications of ministers in that document take precedence over more recently adopted Baptist Model Trusts and over any church constitution. This includes situations where the foundation deed says nothing about the qualifications of ministers. If your church is considering appointing an unaccredited minister (that is, one whose name is not on the Register of Nationally Accredited Ministers), you should check with your property trustees to clarify their position. If you are not sure who your property trustees are, your local Baptist association will be able to tell you.
In any case the Baptist Union has the discretion to waive the requirement in instances when a church wishes to call a minister whose name is not on the Register. The minister will have to apply for such a waiver and meet certain conditions determined by the Union. Waivers are offered for a finite length of time, after which the church and minister must apply for a renewal.
All waiver applications are made through regional associations. If you wish to know more or make an application, please speak to your Regional Minister.

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