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Ministerial Recognition Committee 

 The national Ministerial Recognition Committee (MRC) administers the Register of those the Baptist Union either accredits as ministers, or recognises as pastors, pioneers and preachers. It deals with all aspects of the accreditation and recognition policy. It decides on all individual cases, including secondments to other forms of ministry, leave of absence by which a minister may remain on the register whilst temporarily being unable to minister, and removals from the register.

Ministerial Recognition Sub-Committee

A sub-committee of the MRC interviews ministers from other denominations who wish to transfer to the Baptist Union, and those who come with ministerial experience from Unions or Conventions overseas. The sub-committee also interviews those who, for one reason or another, have been removed from the Register but now wish to pursue ministry with the Baptist Union once more.

Residential Selection Conference

Most ministers gain their accreditation following formation and commendation from one of our Baptist colleges. However, we offer an alternative route for those who are already exercising ministry in a Baptist context and have a university-validated diploma or degree in theology from elsewhere. Candidates attend an annual Residential Selection Conference (RSC) where a team of experienced selectors seek to discern their calling and suitability for Baptist ministry.

Recommendations from the RSC and the MRC sub-committee go to the national Ministerial Recognition Committee for ratification.

MRC members:
Mrs Linda Campbell
Revd Mark Clay
Mrs Chris Fry
Revd Andy Hughes 
Revd Lee Johnson
Revd Lisa Kerry
Revd Rupert Lazar
Mrs Judith Miller
Revd Sian Murray-Williams - moderator 
Revd Emmanuel Ntusi
Revd Dr Simon Oxley
Mrs Karen Smith
Mrs Sarah Stapleton
Revd Mary Taylor
Revd Dr Tim Welch
Revd Gary Woodall

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