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To be recognised for the leadership you already offer to a church

You may already exercise pastoral oversight within a church but not have the theological diploma or degree necessary to become an accredited Baptist minister. However, you can still work towards becoming a nationally recognised Baptist pastor. The academic requirement is to complete the assignments for all twelve modules of the Baptist Training Partnership (BTP) programmes run by the colleges. (Please see local church leadership for more details.) These will give you a basic grounding in biblical studies and preaching, spirituality and leading worship, pastoral care, evangelism, church history and especially Baptist church history, and church leadership. Training is usually offered on selected Saturdays over a two or three-year period.  Please note that recognition is dependent not only on completion of the BTP modules. You will also need the commendation of your church and be interviewed by your regional association at both the beginning and end of your training. Please contact your regional minister if you wish to pursue this further.   

Photo: Ben White on Unsplash
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