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Finding A Friend: The Baptist Encounter With Judaism - Robert Parkinson

WhitleyLogoScholarly abstract
Ever since the horrific events of the Holocaust, the relationship of Christianity to Judaism has been under constant review. Many Christian denominations have made great strides toward a much closer rapprochement with Judaism. This lecture will ask where British Baptists stand in relation to this sea change in Christian-Jewish relations. It will identify potential problems in the theology, exegesis and preaching of Baptists. It will offer examples of friendly engagement between Baptists and Jews, examine possible impediments to the development of a closer relationship, and propose constructive suggestions for deepening the encounter of Baptists with Judaism into the future.

Popular abstract
Are Baptist churches sometimes guilty of unwitting anti-Judaism? What is the state of play for Baptist-Jewish relations? This lecture will examine these and similar questions. Drawing on the positive side of Baptist history and practice, it will offer guidelines for encouraging a greater regard for Judaism and a closer friendship with Jews.

Dates for the lecture:

Regent's Park College: Tues 25 Feb, 3.45pm
South Wales Baptist College: Fri 6 March, 3pm
Spurgeon's Baptist College: Wed 18 March, 11:15
Luther King House, Manchester: Mon 23 March, 7.30pm
Didsbury Baptist Church: Wed 22 April, 7.30pm
Bristol Baptist College: Wed 20 May, 11.30am

There is no need to book for a lecture as most dates will be turn up on the day. However, please contact the venue you wish to attend for further clarification.

For more information on the lecture, and if you would like to book Rob, please email: robert@didsburybaptist.org.uk
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