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Study Four: Dreaming the Dream


This study takes us back to where it all began, the Day of Pentecost and the birthing of a Pentecost People – the great dream of one people from every tribe and nation, filling the earth with the glory of God ‘… as the waters cover the sea’.

Study Resources
These studies include a short video filmed in British Baptist churches and questions to enable small groups to consider what it is like for strangers (especially people from a different language or cultural background) to visit your church for the first time.   If you haven't already, please download the notes for leaders which include the study questions and additional resources.

The church video and accompanying questions can be accessed in three formats:
  1. Use the notes for leaders alongside the online video above or click here to download the video
  2. Download complete video with study questions included
  3. Download a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video and study questions (needs recent version of PowerPoint)

Click here to download a zip file with all the resources for Study 4.

Every effort has been made to trace copyright for the music included in this video, and we apologise to any copyright holder whom we have been unable to trace.

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