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Being Baptist Together - Key Role Nominations


We are a movement of local churches supported by regional associations, colleges and specialist teams.  We all contribute to the non-hierarchical governance structure of Baptist Union of Great Britain, which aims to ensure the highest level of involvement among and accountability to members.  Part of our governance structure includes Council and Trustees.  

As we journey together the task of ensuring a diversity of voices are heard in some of our structures falls, in part, to the Key Roles Nominations Team.

Take a moment to listen to Rupert Lazar, the moderator of the Key Role Nominations Team, as he lays out his heart and hope for being Baptists Together. 

Take a moment to listen to God and pray with us.

A letter from the Revd Rupert Lazar, moderator of the Key Role Nominations Team - 3 July 2020

RupertLazarFriends, recent events related to Black Lives Matter have caused us all to reconsider matters related to diversity and inclusivity and much more.  I write as Moderator of the Baptist Together Key Roles Nominations Team in an effort to re-sensitise you to the fact that part of our role as a Team is to ensure diversity of our Council which we seek to achieve by being intentional in the nominations we bring to Council. Of course, this will be less onerous if we already had greater diversity within our structures.

Over a few years now I have, in Council, sought to remind us that this responsibility is one for all of us to share and not just left to be a ‘burden’ left solely to the Key Roles Nominations Team.  Our Governance Report makes it very clear that Council is to be the place where ‘the full diversity of the denomination can and should be fully expressed’. I therefore humbly call on our Baptists Together family as expressed through our Associations and Colleges to do better than we are doing now. If I may be honest, I feel that the Key Roles Nominations Team is listened too and sympathised with, but I am not convinced that hearts are won to become intentional on this matter. Of course, it is not too late as there are still vacancies for Key Union roles e.g. trustees, treasurer as well as other roles like national MRC.
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A letter from Rupert Lazar - Moderator of the Key Roles Nominations Team (3 July 2020)