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Chaos and Change by Clare McBeath

Hesitant invocation

When we survey the scene
of chaos before us
we’re hesitant to invoke
the presence of God
not too sure what
we might be letting ourselves in for

Nevertheless we say
Come unsettling God
Come with your chaos
Come with your anger
Come with your passion
Come but be gentle with us

God who meets us in the chaos: opening prayer

God who meets us
in the chaos of everyday life
turning the tables on injustice
demanding that we see things
from a different perspective

we praise and thank you
that you do not allow us
to stay as we are
but you jolt us out of complacency
you challenge us to change
dare us to dream differently
and every so often
you turn our world upside down.
its exciting
its scary
its painful
its risky
but this is the journey of faith
you have called us on.
Give us the courage
to follow you
upside down God
and give us the assurance
to know
that you have travelled
the path before us
will journey with us
and will follow after us
Christ our strength
Christ our companion
Christ our guide
In Jesus’ name
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