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Overview of Baptist pastoral and missional training

There are many ways our Baptist colleges can equip you to fulfil God’s calling on your life. Whether you wish to enhance your leadership in a local church or feel called to become an accredited Baptist minister, you can explore the options below to learn more about particular types of training.  This overview is useful only as a means of orientation.. Once you have thought through the options, the best thing to do is to contact or visit a college directly to discuss your training needs. All the colleges can tailor programmes where necessary. They would welcome a conversation about how they may best prepare you for the mission, ministry and leadership role God is calling you to pursue.
The five Baptist colleges in England and Wales are:
Bristol Baptist College
Northern Baptist College in Manchester with hubs in Sheffield and Durham 
Regent’s Park College in Oxford
South Wales Baptist College in Cardiff
Spurgeon’s Baptist College in South London with a hub in Birmingham 
There are two further colleges that are in membership of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.  Scottish Baptist College helps prepare people seeking accreditation with the Baptist Union of Scotland.  Similarly, Y Coleg Gwyn or North Wales Baptist College trains those seeking accreditation with the Baptist Union of Wales. All Y Coleg Gwyn’s courses are available in both English and Welsh. Qualifications gained at either college also meet the requirements of BUGB accreditation. Theological training for Baptists is also available on the Continent through the  International Baptist Theological Study Centre (IBTS Centre) in Amsterdam. 
You can also explore the overview as a downloadable document
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