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Pastoral and Missional Training at a Baptist College

Baptist Colleges prepare women and men for pastoral and missional leadership: they train the next generation of accredited Baptist ministers and pioneers; they enable those wishing to specialise in chaplaincy, evangelism, counselling, pastoral supervision and children’s, youth and families; they provide a broad range of courses to enhance the skills of local church leaders; and they facilitate theological learning at every level from beginners’ studies to doctorates.
Please read the overview of college courses and then use the images below to find out more about each college.  Although the colleges have their home in five cities – London, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol and Cardiff – some training can also be accessed through college hubs in Sheffield, Birmingham, Durham, Cambridge and Exeter.
Most importantly, if you have any training requirement or question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the colleges directly.  They will do all they can to make your learning possible.  Click here for a list of our colleges with their contact details.
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