Inspire - Equip - Connect


On Saturday, take time to explore the Networking Zone where you will be able to gather ideas and resources for your local church, and hear more about missional initiatives that are happening across Baptists Together. 

The Networking Zone will be open from 10:00 - 17:30 

See below for a list of Networkers. This is being updated and more added on a regular basis. 

FreshStreams RenewWellbeing SmallChurchConnexion
JPIT Firestarters TogetherFree
EBF Colleges BaptistsTogether
BaptistMinisterFellowship Interfaith BMS
SectorMinistries CYF GenderJustice
WhereDoWeGrowFromHere NewHousingHub ListeningProject
ReImagine MissionalAdventure DeafCommunities
CatalystYouthTrust BlackleyCentre ChurchesTraining