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Rarely seen MLK documentary screenings

A series of screenings of an extraordinary film about Martin Luther King Jr are being planned in Baptist churches and other venues around the country

MLKFlyer1The film King: From Montgomery to Memphis is a rarely seen documentary made in 1970 that traces King’s life and accomplishments from the 1955 bus boycott to his 1968 assassination.
To mark the 50th anniversary of his death, Baptists Together Justice Hub has teamed up with Tipping Point North South to screen the documentary.
The first takes place in London on 23 June at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, where King preached in 1961.
Following the screening, there will be a post-film panel discussion with leading contributors including Dr.David Muir, Dionne Gravesande, Richard Reddie, Neil Jameson, Selina Stone, Eleasah Louis and Professor Robert Beckford.
Admission is free. Register here
Further screenings are planned at New Road Baptist Church in Oxford, Luther King House in Manchester, and Broadway Baptist Church in Derby, dates to be announced. Click here for more details. 

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Baptist Times, 13/06/2018
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