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King: Montgomery to Memphis

The world has been marking the 50th anniversary year of the assassination of Baptist Minister Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
On 4th April 1968, Dr. King was fatally shot on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel cutting short the life of the man who had become the conscience of America, indeed the world.

Special screenings of an extraordinary film made in 1970 called King: From Montgomery to Memphis are being planned. A rarely-seen documentary, the film traces King’s life and accomplishments from the 1955 bus boycott to his 1968 assassination. His structural analysis of race, economy and war - and his solutions - were way ahead of his time.

The same ‘Triple Evils’ he talked of in 1967/68 are still interconnected, only now they are global: we are close to an annual $2trillion global military spend; we have even greater levels global inequality; and we are seeing racism and the far-right rising.

Following on from the each screening, there will be a post-film panel discussion with leading contributors coming from a range of backgrounds, and which, combined, will reflect to the scope of Dr. King’s own theology and activism.

  • New Road Baptist Church, Oxford, OX1 1LQ. Sat 27 October 2018, 16:00 – 21:00. Book here. This will be followed on Sunday 28 October when Rev Gale Richards will preach on the legacy of King from 10.30am
  • Luther King House, Manchester. Date to be confirmed
  • Broadway Baptist Church, Derby. Date to be confirmed


NOTE: The film is 3 hours in length with an interval.

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