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Caring for a loved one with dementia

Baptist church member writes candidly of his experiences of caring for his mother - and receives endorsement from the Prime Minister 

AdamSibleyDementia is something that more and more each of us are encountering, whether that be in our church congregations; our family or friends that we know.

It is a journey with others that we take and a journey that sometimes leads us to places we never expected to be, or never thought of the implications of what was happening.

This has been the case for a member of a Baptist church, who has written of his experiences in caring for his mum as she lived with dementia.

Adam Sibley, from Saltash Baptist Church in Cornwall, has chronicled the time he cared for his mum, June, and the things he went through in looking after her, in a new book called Unbreakable Bond.

It is an honest account that shares both the joy and the pain experienced over those years, and the way in which society sometimes understood and sometimes was oblivious to the daily struggle.

At its heart is the desire to encourage and help those who are going through similar experiences and to help them know that they are not alone.

AdamSibleybookUnbreakable Bond has received a number of glowing endorsements, including one from the Prime Minister, who was given a copy by a local Conservative MP. 'I found Adam's account of his experiences in caring for his mum very moving,' said David Cameron.  

'I spent four years caring for my mum when she developed dementia (aged 51),' Adam explains. 'This book is about my journey with my mum, what we learnt, what we experienced, our ups and downs and how it made us feel.

'In the book I candidly share my thoughts, my opinions and my advice for anyone out there who is dealing with caring for a loved one.

'My mum lost her battle but I hope this book in someway will play a part in helping us win the war on defeating this terrible illness.'

On top of this a study guide has been written by Tim Parkman, the Minister of Saltash Baptist Church, to help think through the implications this book has for churches and those who follow Jesus.

It aims to not give answers, but encourage discussion and thoughts about how churches can be more aware of those around them walking with dementia and how as churches we can respond.




Baptist Times, 08/12/2015
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