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'What God has joined together...'

The opening of a new church building in Devon would lead to an unexpected and delightful union

Wedding KilmingtonWho’d have seen it coming? Certainly not the couple themselves.

In May 2016 the wedding between David Heming and Jenny Carter was celebrated with a packed congregation at The Beacon, home of the Baptist Church Kilmington. Given that their combined age was 163, it was a very special occasion but not one that could have been foreseen.
In January 2015 a “house-warming” event was held at the new facility, built after the old chapel suffered a devastating fire. It was really meant to be for the church congregation only, to be followed a week later by an event open to the whole community.

But one welcome intruder was David Heming who came along as a friend of the congregation who attended church elsewhere. David was a widow who had some years earlier cared for his seriously ill wife in the last ten years of her life. He was a widely admired retired professional woodwind and brass musician.

David's unexpected visit led to an encounter with Jenny Carter. Jenny had worked for many years for WEC, a Christian mission organisation, and had never been married. She was long retired and wasn’t even looking for love. Nevertheless, something special happened at that house-warming and the two of them began a journey into marriage. 
As the 150 guests looked on at the wedding ceremony, they were reminded of the surprises that life can bring, and the delightful way in which God had brought this couple together. Maybe it was that account of unexpected joy that caused a spontaneous standing ovation as the pastor pronounced them to be “husband and wife”.


Baptist Times, 24/05/2016
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