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Revelation, art and outreach

Work on a spectacular textile artwork portraying the book of Revelation is in full swing, with crowdfunding campaign in tow

Jacqui Parkinson, a Devonshire-based textile artist and member of Chudleigh Baptist Church, is behind this mammoth project which she plans to exhibit in UK cathedrals from next summer.

When completed Revelation Threads will feature 14 panels depicting images from the final book of the Bible. 

Horsemen fo the apocalypse

Each panel is three metres (10 ft) high and between one and three metres (4-10ft) wide. They’re painted and then stitched in brightly coloured silks, leathers and metallic gauzes.

'It will give a lot of people a lot to look at and a lot to think about,' says Jacqui. 'A display that shows the book of Revelation as never before.

'I want it to raise questions of life and faith - death and judgement - resurrection – and of A New Heaven and A New Earth.

'Many visitors to cathedrals today are there just to have a look at a beautiful ancient building. Contemporary art can be a great way of encouraging people to explore spiritual issues and find out about God's love.'

Currently 10 of the 14 panels are complete, and Jacqui has initiated a crowdfunding campaign to help finish the next panel.

She is offering a special gift to each financial contributor – anyone who donates £1 or more will have their name stitched onto the back of the panel. It's all part of the message, she explains.

‘For this panel - A New Heaven and a New Earth - there’s a mountain with the Lamb (the symbol for Jesus), and three angels bringing messages of judgement and hope from God. The mountain itself is packed with people - not sure who they are - but they have lived their lives for Jesus.  And the Holy Spirit says “Yes, well done!"

'The back of this panel will be covered with many, many people’s names – real people, friends and families. A symbol for today of the countless people standing before the throne of heaven.' 

Jacqui was married to Rob Frost, a well known author, broadcaster and evangelist. After he died she moved to Devon and later married Andrew, and both are now members of Chudleigh
Baptist Church.

The creator of numerous exhibitions, Jacqui believes this art form enables contemporary audiences to explore spiritual issues and discover the love of God. Revelation Threads is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2016. The plan is to have it touring British cathedrals for at least three years, and around one million people are expected to view it in its first two years.

The crowdfunding campaign finishes on 22 August.

To see more about the artwork, or to sponsor the piece, visit: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/a-new-heaven-and-a-new-earth

For more about the exhibition go to www.revelation-threads.co.uk

To see more of Jacqui's work, see www.jacqui-textile.co.uk

Baptist Times, 13/08/2015
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