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Membership of the Assembly

Extract from the constitution of the Baptist Union of Great Britain:


7.1 The Assembly shall consist of Representative, Personal and Associate Members;

7.2 Representative members shall consist of:

7.2.1 all Ministers on the Register of Covenanted Persons Accredited for Ministry in categories 1, 2 and 3 and Ministers and Assistant Ministers of Baptist Churches in membership with the Union;
7.2.2 the Council and Officers of the Union;
7.2.3 delegates from Churches, Associations of Churches, and Colleges in membership with the Baptist Union. Churches not exceeding 100 members may appoint one delegate; more than 100, two delegates; and more than 200, three delegates. Associations and Colleges may appoint two delegates each. Delegates shall be appointed for each meeting of the Assembly, and their appointment duly notified to the General Secretary before 31 March in each year; and
7.2.4 two ministerial students of each College, to be elected by the students of the College to which they belong.

7.3 Personal Members shall be Baptists or members of Baptist Churches who shall have been duly accredited in writing by at least three members of the Assembly, and accepted by the Council prior to Assembly 2007.

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Extract from our Constitution regarding who can be a member of Assembly