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Nottingham ministers unite in living on £1 a day

Gill Isterling, minister at Thomas Helwys Baptist Church, Lenton, Nottingham joined ministers in her area to live on £1 a day for all food during Christian Aid Week. It wasn't easy and here's some of the blog she kept 

Baked Potato 
Tin of Beans  
Two slices of tomato and four slices of cucumber
Gill Isterling
Gill Isterling (left) and Methodist minister Christine Fox

A ‘not fair’ day to begin ‘Living Below the Line’ on a £1 a day. The same day I offer to cook bacon butties for the builders working on Lenton flats! Oh that wonderful smell of cooking bacon, not to mention the 20 baked potatoes I cooked for the local community. I only had 4 glasses of water!

A not fair day maybe, but then somehow that sum’s it all up; it’s ‘not fair’ all the time for most people in our world, who live below the line, still servicing the needs in the rich west.
The same as yesterday! During this week Christian Aid want us to think about the injustices caused by war to raise our awareness of the issues. Here's one then ... BRING BACK THEIR GIRLS.
Drinking Water
Potato with beans, tomato and cucumber
Plus some porridge for a treat!
Feel a lot better today, although a bit distant and slow to respond and yes a tad tetchy! Church meeting tonight! This is the hardest thing, trying to carry on as normal when your body is hungry. At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's remember today the 48 million people displaced from their homes because of the conflict in Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo and give them some light at the end of the tunnel too. Let's engage with Christian Aid and make a difference.
Just preparing my final meal; eating has not been a pleasure but a necessity this week. The lack of choice was very boring, it was hard to plan and fit in around work, the hunger, the headaches, the vagueness of thought have been a challenge.

My own awareness of the challenge of hunger has been acute, a very spiritual journey for me, one that I'm glad I have made. Tomorrow I'll be back to normal, but that won't be the case for all those people in the world, including the UK and definitely here in Lenton, who will continue to battle with hunger. We should never tire of seeking justice for those living below the line. Do what you can to help.
Becky Hardiman, 20/05/2014
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