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Long-serving treasurer retires

Whispering in corners, surreptitious planning, secret invitations and stealth organisational tactics all contributed to the success of a surprise buffet lunch at Long Eaton Baptist Church for John Perry

Long Eaton John has retired from his position as church treasurer after serving for more than 48 years, and was astounded when it was announced at the beginning of the service on Sunday, 29 October that a celebratory buffet lunch would be taking place afterwards.

A gathering of 40 people from the church made this a memorable occasion for him.

Pastor David Shaw presented John with a present from the members of the church and said, 'We did not believe that it would be possible to keep the lunch a secret as John generally knows about everything that happens at LEBC!

'I am delighted that we have been able to celebrate John’s faithful and committed service as church treasurer.

'I and many other people are very grateful for all the many hours that John has spent supporting the church during his 48 years as treasurer.'

Baptist Times, 08/11/2017
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