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Forty years of ministry

Anthony WalkerThe Revd Anthony Walker, pastor of Spalding Baptist Church, celebrated 40 years of ordained ministry last month. The day, 8 September, was set aside to celebrate this with special services in the morning and evening, with a wonderful Bring ‘n’ Share Lunch, complete with a magnificent cake.

The morning service was attended by more than 130 people and included presentations by the Revd Diane Tidball, Regional Minister of East Midlands Baptist Association, and the Revd Brian Gilbert who brought Anthony to the Lord.
The sermon was given by the Revd Peter Wortley, who was Anthony’s senior friend when he commenced his ministry at Walthamstow in September 1973. Peter had also conducted Anthony and Doreen’s wedding, and had dedicated all three of their children.

Two of Anthony and Doreen’s children and their families were present for the celebrations and, during the service, there was a live link-up with their younger son Graham, and his wife, in Australia.

The whole day was one of tremendous joy, excitement and achievement. We would all give thanks to God for the day we enjoyed, and for his devoted servant Anthony and his wife Doreen. A wonderful partnership, a wonderful ministry, all thanks to our wonderful God.
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