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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant

Elaine LeightonThe quote above comes from Elaine Leighton (pictured) describing her role as part time lay pastor at Cotmanhay Baptist Church in Ilkeston (Derbyshire).

This comes in stark contrast to a church meeting in September 2012 when the 12 members of Cotmanhay Baptist Church, Ilkeston stared closure in the face.

Thankfully God had other plans and as Elaine explains, she was inducted to the role with a remit to rebuild the church, in partnership with Queen Street Baptist Church, Ilkeston.

'Well, God is good, and new life is pulsing through this church, and its partner, Queen Street, Ilkeston.

'From our grand Christmas dinner outreach we launched 2013 with a joint prayer month in January with our partner church. We built relationships, joined forces and found family. Easter Sunday was glorious... breakfast with Queen Street, working with the minister Michael Hooton to lead or preach in both joint services.

'We have been meeting midweek for several months to pray, worship and study Bible, in a lively, loving, honest way.

'Recently Cotmanhay and Queen Street met as guests of Watnall Road Baptist Church for an away day focusing on who Holy Spirit is and learning to hear from Him in worship, from the word and through one another.

'Hope, life, joy and faith have been awakened!'

This story first appeared in Connected, the newsletter of the East Midlands Baptist Association

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